Mariam recently joined the Steer Graduate Scheme after graduating from the University of Manchester with a Masters in Chemistry. In this interview, Mariam talks about her experience so far at Steer, the application process and gives advice to graduates interested in applying.

When did you join the Steer Graduate Scheme and what division are you in?

I started on August 6th and I’m in the Infrastructure team which is under the Advisory branch of the company.

What made you choose the Steer Graduate Scheme?

I chose the Steer programme because of the wide range of projects they worked on, the fact that Steer is employee owned and that the senior staff were so approachable at the assessment centre.

Was the application process challenging?

The application process was straight forward. I applied with a cover letter and CV and then was invited to an assessment centre. The assessment centre had a mixture of exercises with a final interview at the end. Steer called me a few weeks later with the good news.

How was the graduate training?

Training at Steer is a great experience. You get the best part of a week each month for the first three months to learn about the company, be introduced to other teams and learn how to be a Steer consultant, all while getting to know your fellow graduate cohort. The best part is the socials, of course!

What’s your favourite part of the scheme so far?

My favourite part has been bonding with the other graduates on the scheme. This helps greatly when it comes to networking with other teams and talking through any concerns you have.

Have you worked on any interesting projects yet?

Some of my most interesting projects are unfortunately confidential! However, I have worked on some interesting shared mobility projects, such as implementing e-bikes in US cities.

What are you excited to work on (or continue working on) in the future?

I’m excited to continue working on the Transport for the North Future Scenarios project. Being in Manchester, it’s nice to see how my work could directly affect my surroundings in the future.

Finally, what advice do you have for any applicants to the 2020/2021 Steer Graduate scheme?

I would suggest being open and honest in your approach. As a new Steer graduate, how you go about working with others and solving problems will be more important than your knowledge of the industry.


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