Connecting Santiago Airport using a new light electric transport system

In 2017, the French energy solutions company Engie presented the 'Light Electric Public Transport System - Interconnection Metro - Pudahuel - AMB Airport' project to the Ministry of Public Works in Chile. The objective of this project is to facilitate access to Santiago International Airport, ENEA's industrial sector and residential neighbourhoods in the western sector of Santiago, all through a new mode of public transport using a light electric vehicle. There has been sustained growth in passenger demand at Santiago Airport and the Nuevo Pudahuel expansion project, which is already under construction.

The originally proposed route has a length of approximately 7.8 miles, connecting the Pajaritos Metro stations of Line 1 and Barrancas of Line 5 with Santiago Airport, through a segregated path, specially developed for this project. In addition, shortly after the project, two route alternatives were added, which also provide mobility to different areas of the same sector with housing, industrial and commercial development, and Chile's major airbase.

Since September 2019, Steer has been developing the Demand and Social Evaluation study for this project which in its first phase will analyse three potential ways forward. The most suitable option will be advanced to phase two for a more detailed study based on estimated demand and social profitability indicators.


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