On track to Net Zero: The Amtrak journey with Dennis Newman

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PodcastDuration 42m

Amtrak is one of the most recognisable names in North American transportation having been providing rail passengers with outstanding service across the US and Canada since the 1970s.

More important than Amtrak’s prestigious past however is its future role in achieving net zero in the transport sector. Rail is a far more sustainable mode than air travel and its potential to reduce emissions on intercity journeys at a time of urban growth is huge.

As well as an overall reduction through mode shift Amtrak itself is on a journey to a greener future as it aims to achieve net zero by 2045. Join cohosts Mike Goggin and Serbjeet Kohli as they talk to Amtrak’s Dennis Newman about the iconic company’s pathway to net zero including engaging their workforce, creating more resilient rail infrastructure, reducing fleet emissions and more.

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  • Dennis Newman, Executive Vice President of Strategy and Planning at Amtrak. Dennis leads in a number of areas including infrastructure, fleet and sustainability planning.


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